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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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morning. how are you? the monsoon continues. we are seeing some clouds rolling across our skies again. there is a slight chance we could squeeze in sprinkles. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and chp is taking care of this accident that happened in san jose north 101 approaching tully. all off to the shoulder. we'll have an update on "kcbs traffic" in just a few minutes. >> welcome to the party. >> thank you so much. good to be here. >> all right. thanks, liza. 100,000 gallons of water canceled three championship baseball games on the fields of alameda college. police are trying to find out who flooded the fields so they couldn't play ball sunday. >> reporter: the first thing the coach noticed was the water. call it a field of streams. >> when we came to the field we were looking at 3 or 4" of water all flooded. we can't even step on the
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field. >> reporter: sometime over the weekend someone cranked open the main water valve at the field at college of alameda and kicked over sprinkler heads. by sunday morning the diamond was a swamp flooded with up to 100,000 gallons of water in the middle of a drought. >> hurts the whole community because everybody is trying to conserve water. >> reporter: but it didn't stop there. the vandals poured chalk all over the field and ripped banners to shreds. the most damage was done to the pitchers mound. it should be symmetrical on both sides but you can see this side is eroded. there are holes in it and the dirt around the rubber is eroded, as well. it will cost about $5,000 to fix all this. >> who would do something like this to, like, such a beautiful field? >> reporter: players left disappointed after a series of championship games scheduled for sunday had to be canceled. >> all the work was washed away in a matter of a couple of hours. >> reporter: volunteers for the alameda babe ruth baseball league had to scramble to get the field back in shape. they do not think the vandalism
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is random. >> it was intentional there to make sure the games weren't played on sunday. >> reporter: alameda police are investigating checking out surveillance video that may have captured the vandals. >> i hope they found the guy that did it and i hope justice is served. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> so all told, there was about $10,000 in damage. the babe ruth league will also be on the hook for the water bill, about $500. it is 4:32. people are being allowed back in their homes in the sierra foothills but the fire danger far from over. one is burning near the amador el dorado county line east of sacramento. the other is inching into yosemite from the west. people forced from their homes in el portal were told last night they could return starting at 9:00 this morning. one house was burned at a road that connects 20 with yosemite valley. that's closed as well as three campgrounds in the national park. the el portal fire is only 5%
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contained. the sand fire in amador county is 75% contained and most evacuees are going home. the fire burned 3800 acres and destroyed 13 homes. 4:33. let's check our weather. dry but monsoonal. kind of a lot of things combined. >> danger with the monsoon with the fire starting again. that could spark fires with lightning. a slight chance of more rain. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking some of those showers now. if you look closely showers are popping up in parts of the north bay, as well. so things still a little unsettled and still got that muggy feel outside. the temperatures mild 67 degrees right now if you can believe that in livermore. 61 in san francisco. and 63 in san jose. this afternoon we are playing with 90s in the valleys again, 70s and 80s inside the bay and 60s and low 70s toward the coast. all right. let's go to liza battalones with traffic. >> we're starting "kcbs traffic" with a look at 580. the good news, no bananas
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spilled this morning. all lanes are open and everything is at it should be for 580 through livermore. but what a commute yesterday. that's long gone. 580 okay between altamont pass to the dublin interchange. leaving oakland into san francisco bay bridge commute no major traffic delays so far. the metering lights are off. chp still taking care of this accident in san jose north 101 approaching tully. it's off to the right-hand shoulder. you can see traffic speeds are still okay. you will see all this activity off to the right side again north 101 approaching tully road and our first bart trains are out of the yard on time. no delays for the ferries, caltrain or the altamont commuter express. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? >> liza, thank you. six people are injured one serious live after a nasty car crash in san francisco. officers trying to pull over a reported stolen minivan last night but the driver took off and crashed two blocks away knocking a cab into a crowd of people at jones and post
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streets. police arrested the driver who was injured. the cab driver a passenger and two pedestrians were also injured. one pedestrian is said to have life-threatening injuries. also in san francisco, another car accident caused problems for the afternoon commute. the driver says his car overturned yesterday after he clipped another car at lombard and franklin streets. the driver was not seriously hurt but a woman in the other car was taken to a hospital. it is 4:35 now. a wild shootout left a fugitive from california dead and three law enforcement officers wounded in new york city. gunshots rang out at greenwich village when officers tried to arrest 32-year-old charles mozdir. he is a suspected child molester. police in san diego county said he had been on the run for two years. he was recently profiled on cnn's "the hunt" > a little bit different than the internet pedophile. this guy ingratiates himself with the family, he is the guy
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that everybody trusts. >> that episode re-aired sunday night and someone phoned in a tip to the police and that's how mozdir was located. during the shootout, two u.s. marshals and a new york city detective were wounded. this is the vest that saved the detective's life. police showing it off pointing out the very spot where the bullet was absorbed. 4:36. israeli found attacked gaza in the heaviest night of attacks since fighting began. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is warning his people to prepare for a prolonged campaign. more now from cbs news' susan mcginnis. reporter: israeli air strikes overnight hit hamas targets in gaza including this building that houses the hamas- run television and radio stations. another strike hit the group's government complex. at sunrise, the damage was in full view on the 22nd day of
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this nonstop war. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu told his people monday to prepare for a prolonged conflict against palestinians. israeli officials claim hamas fired more than 50 rockets and mortal shells at the jewish state monday an attack on southern israel killing at least four israeli soldiers bringing the total number of lost to 53. casualties aren't palestinian side are far greater with more than 1100 dead so far, most of them civilians. they are blaming each other for the strike monday on a gaza park this killed 9 children. secretary of state john kerry has been pressing both sides to put down their weapons but faces criticism for lack of success. >> john kerry on behalf of the united states has been working every step of the way with israel. >> reporter: the united nations is calling for an immediate cease-fire. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> meanwhile, the u.s. is accusing russia of conducting
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tests in violation of the nuclear missile treaty with them. the obama administration says russia tested a new ground- cruise missile. officials say they have looked into the allegations and considered the matter closed. the u.s. and european union plan to impose new economic sanctions against russia for assisting pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine. u.s. says russia has been increasing its military presence at the border and shipping more firearms to the separatists. those separatists are suspected of shooting down the malaysia passenger plane two weeks ago. governor brown is in mexico talking immigration, trade and the environment. the governor signed an agreement with mexican officials to work on ways to reduce air pollution and greenhouse emissions. he also took a dig at the decision by texas to send national guard troops to the
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border to deal with central american immigrant children. brown says the immigration overload should be seen as a humanitarian issue. millions of illegal immigrants could get work permits under plans being worked out at the white house. the obama administration is considering various ideas. parents of children who are u.s. citizens might be included. now, changes are expected before the november elections. a white house move could lead some conservative republicans to try to impeach the president. southern california judge has ruled the l.a. clippers can be sold despite the objections of co-owner donald sterling. he had rejected a deal arranged by his wife shelly to sell the basketball team to text microsoft ceo steve balmer. shelly sterling took control of the family trust and removed her husband as the trustee after two doctors found he showed signs of alzheimer's disease. donald sterling does plan to fight the judge's decision.
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4:39 on your tuesday morning. a weird invasion showing up all over bay area beaches. what are those blue balls? >> what's cool about your school or summer camp? email your nomination to we may come and feature your school on the show. or camp. they're investigating,, ,,
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fatal stabbing. this is at venue and south mark we have breaking news right now in downtown san jose where police say they are investigating the fatal stabbing there. this is at park avenue south market street near the plaza de cesar chavez. we have a crew on the way and will have details shortly. 4:42. health workers in west africa are trying to trace anyone who might have been exposed to a man who died from the ebola virus. patrick sawyer died on friday and a few days before that, he boarded a flight in liberia. had a stopover in ghana,
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changed planes in togo and arrived in nigeria. since march an outbreak of ebola has killed more than 600 people in three countries. friends remember a young man killed by lightning on a california beach. nick in a began no was on venice beach sound with two friends. he went into the water to rinse off when lightning struck. he was about to transfer from junior college to usc. this friend was in shock about the sudden death. >> i couldn't imagine being there and being part of that and it breaks my heart. >> friends say nick had a large gentle presence. a woman who knew him since kindergarten will now start at usc without him. a rare tornado regard to roared through boston. >> oh, my god! >> pretty incredible. it's the first time a tornado ever touched down in a suburb outside of boston in revere
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since records were kept way back in 1950. 111-mile-an-hour winds ripped off roofs, downed hundreds of trees, did a number on the city hall there, as well. several minor injuries were reported. the mayor says it really is a miracle no one was seriously injured. some strange looking creatures were washing up on bay area beaches. you know, they look kind of like the plastic jellyfish. but the california academy of sciences in san francisco say they are actually something called valella. they're not true jellyfish but closer to a man of war and they are considered harmless. but they litter the beach. i have seen them in appears to. >> do they smell? is it -- >> a little pungent. >> awesome >> you know what to do when you get stung? >> vinegar? >> something like that. [ laughter ]
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>> google it. i'll tell you in a second. >> if you plan to go to the beach today, it will be mild. we have fog outside this morning along the coastline. and some monsoonal clouds sweeping overhead. we have rain in parts of the north bay toward petaluma. you have some scattered light sprinkles there. so if you are driving along don't be surprised if you see rain, although there's not going to be much. there's still a chance of an isolated sprinkle today mild temperatures this morning, sun and clouds this afternoon with a slight chance of rain. slow cooling later on this week into the weekend. the temperatures looking to come back down. high pressure and all that moisture rotating around the ridge will make things muggy again. more thunderstorms in the sierra nevada although probably not going to see that here. hot 100 degrees in sacramento. 104 in fresno. about 98 in yosemite. computer models showing you some of that subtropical moisture sweeping through trying to break up the low clouds and fog but we'll see some of that continuing toward the immediate coastline and the
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temperatures, well, they are going to be warm to hot in spots. in fact, you'll see 80s and 90s into the south bay. upper 60s and low site of near the coastline. 98 brentwood. inside the bay 75 in oakland. 70 san francisco. 71 in sausalito. next couple of days a little hotter tomorrow, and less muggy thursday and friday. cooling down slightly 90s in the valleys over the weekend. let's check on the roads with liza battalones. >> hey there, lawrence. good morning, everybody. we're kicking off "kcbs traffic" with a car that broke down so a tough start for at least one commuter out there heading out of oakland into san francisco. live pictures of the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the flashing lights there as that stalled car as that driver waits for a tow truck to arrive. you can see that stall is not slowing down any of that toll plaza traffic. westbound traffic still looking okay. as we look just beyond this picture, you can see what appears to be a chp traffic break and all of those
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headlights there waiting behind it. so now expect a delay as you leave oakland heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the chp cruiser stopping some of the traffic to help that stalled vehicle out. we'll move on to the rest of the commute. 880 through oakland, still looking good in both directions. southbound 880 okay into fremont. if you plan to make the 580 drive, that was a tough one yesterday. westbound 580 looking good with no big problems through livermore. we are seeing a delay now leaving the altamont pass, 205 now slow from 11th street. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? >> thank you, liza. it's 4:47. would-be robbers may want to rethink their next target. the suspects had staked out a houston gas station. they went straight for the employee who was coming back from the bank with some money. the clerk saw the whole thing from inside. he runs outside as you can see, kicked one robber in the face, punched another.
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it happens he had won the mma national championship for five years in a row in his native country of sri lanka. >> we learned like how to punch, how to kick, like, you know, how to move so all that stuff you can use. >> that he did. the bad guys ran for the getaway car. the crook caught one guy, clocked him. one robber thought about going to help a friend but thought it wasn't a good idea. the two got away, a third was detained by the clerk until the police came. >> caught on camera. 4:48. new traffic signals could make one san francisco intersection safer for pedestrians. a man was killed in a crosswalk at sunset boulevard and yorba street in february. other pedestrians have been injured there. the improvements could include crosswalk countdowns of people trying to cross the busy street. there's now an inexpensive new way to travel between san jose and san francisco. but as kpix 5's betty yu reports, the startup has a
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catch. reporter: when caltrain stops running a new ridesharing app called slate offers to take people in private cars along the san francisco-to-san jose route. >> i'm going to the san jose caltrain. >> reporter: it's the brainchild of two people. they needed this type of service after late nights in the city. >> our main options are caltrain or uber. and uber unless you have a group of four to five kids it's expensive. >> reporter: so these computer science classmates built this app. they say it's a cheaper more convenient way to get from station to station. >> i think the coolest thing is that, you know, you can get back at a time of night where just it wasn't pop to get back at that price point. and it's basically an extension of a service they already used to experience. >> reporter: pricing is broken down into four zones from $6 to $18 which is almost double what caltrain charges. the startup hopes the rides will connect users. >> so you can meet other stanford students, meet other
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entrepreneurs, all sorts of people taking fleet and then that's the idea. >> reporter: the service is in its beta testing phase. the company doesn't have state- issued operating permits and right now it's 15 drivers are also using their personal auto insurance. the department of insurance says these kinds of drivers are most likely not covered when they're on the job. does that put customers at risk, the business you're running? >> uhm, not to our knowledge because we have not faced any problems with this as of now. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> california department of insurance says customers should be aware though if you're taking a ride from any app- based service, you most likely will not be covered if the driver is using his personal auto insurance. the state puc is working to determine what kinds of regulations "fleet" needs to follow. 4:50. the city of stockton could end up getting the factory for tesla's battery. it was expected to be built out
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of state to save labor and tax costs. but the "l.a. times" reports stockton now looks more appealing due to its proximity to tesla's fremont plant and lathrop parts facility. it also offers easy access to freeways, rail lines and also a port. so many animals, not enough space. summer is prime time for overcrowding at bay area shelters. >> send us your questions about their health and well-being. or on our web page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon.
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big problems this morning for the bay bridge toll plaza. chp holding back some of the traffic. an accident involving three vehicles with injuries to at least one person west 580 blocking a couple of lanes at the pay gates. you can see traffic is already backed up towards the foot of the maze. we'll keep an eye on this with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. tough time now for bay area animal shelters. it turns out that shelters are packed in the summer but kpix 5's mike sugerman reports, this year, the overcrowd something worse than usual. reporter: this is a sad tale -- well, not this. this is a happy tale. but it does have a sad tale to tell. well, okay, not sheba. she will be queen of penney's home. >> she is a love. >> reporter: adopted today at the contra costa humane society and just in time. they are at their limit here. >> we always do see a spike right after the 4th of july. >> reporter: dogs and cats
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scared by all the noise run away, end up here, and this year for whatever reason it's worse. >> who knows? they could be strays, they could be surrenders. it's -- it's quite a mixed bag. >> reporter: at this pleasant hill location the only dogs are on the wall as the humane society dogs go to foster homes but in other shelters, dogs are up to the roof. here all the strays come in on little cat feet. >> lots of different cats. got long hairs, short hairs, older cats, younger cats, a lot of different options. >> reporter: these cats could not be cuter and they would make somebody a perfect pet. but the sad truth is that for some of them it could be their last chance. >> there's, you know, a lot out there and that's why, you know, with the rescue groups, the shelter, education, you know, because any rescue group is really in the business to go out of business. >> i love you, mwa! >> reporter: sheba is not one
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of the unfortunate ones. the humane society is a no kill agency but public shelters, they are another story. and this tale is being told bay area-wide. in pleasant hill, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> now, if you don't want to adopt a pet for life, you can also consider fostering a dog or cat for a short time. >> dogs are known as our best friends and apparently they don't want you to forget it. a new study says dogs can feel jealousy. researchers at uc-san diego had owners play with a toy dog and other items all while ignoring their pets. well, some of the real dogs got aggressive, pushing their owners while they played with the fake dog. and most tried to sniff the toy. jealousy may have "evolved" because dogs have been domesticated for so long. 4:56. bay area students out of luck. their college closes out from right under them. stray ahead in the next half- hour how the state is helping to ease the blow. >> and two wildfires burning in california one only 5%
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contained. coming up, what tourists and residents can expect next for the yosemite wildfire. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm sure everybody in the foothills is concerned this year. it's going to be a bad year. >> two wildfires continue to burn in northern california. fire near yosemite national park has burned one home and forced campgrounds and roads to close. the sand fire in amador county is mostly under control now. >> we have made history. >> the obama administration is accusing russia of violating a nuclear treaty that helped end the cold war. president obama sent a letter to vladimir putin accusing russia of testing a new cruise missile in violation of the treaty signed by ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev. >> bryman college closed leaving students at four bay area locations in the lurch. the for-profit company shut
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down after filing for bankruptcy. the state will help students with their lost tuitions. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. >> your real. and good morning, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning to you, i'm juliette goodrich. michelle has the day off. >> how about a little traffic and weather. >> lawrence, what do we have? >> it's going to be another very interesting day. of course out the door low clouds and fog. a neat shot from the sutro camera. up above some of the monsoonal clouds and that could make things very interesting. you see the storms developing in the central valley even light sprinkles in the north bay this morning so, yeah, there's still a slight chance we could see rain today. into the afternoon, right now temperatures very mild. 50s and 60s. later today back in the 90s in the valleys. 60s and low 70s out toward the coastline. let's check with liza battalones a


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